Our science is on your dinner plate

Division of Food Sciences

Food Analytical Chemistry

Structure determination of bioactive food substances

Shigenori KumazawaPhD, Prof.

Food Engineering

Chemical biology of the interaction between tea polyphenols and phospholipid membranes

Makoto ShimoyamadaPhD, Prof.

Hayato MasudaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Organic Chemistry

Application of Mitsunobu reagent to the cyclization of nitrogen-containing heteroaromatic rings

Masahiro EgiPhD, Prof.


Characterization of lactic acid bacteria isolated from plant-fermented food

Norio OhashiPhD, Prof.

Yuko ShimamuraPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Plant Molecular Improvement

Mechanisms governing chloroplast biogenesis and maintenance of chloroplast activities

Hirokazu KobayashiPhD, Prof.

Yasuo NiwaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Human Genetics

Interaction of genetic and environmental factors in the development of lifestyle-related diseases

Kimiko KobayashiPhD, Assoc. Prof..

Yuya OhharaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Chemical Biology

Biosynthesis of natural products

Nobutaka FunaPhD, Assoc. Prof.

Fumihito HasebePhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Food Chemistry

Comprehensive analysis of functionality in food components

Keisuke ItoPhD, Prof.

Food Hygiene

Risk assessment of chemicals in foodstuff

Shuichi MasudaPhD, Assoc. Prof.

Biomolecular Engineering

Directed evolution of proteins for industrial / diagnostic applications

Yasuaki KawarasakiPhD, Assoc. Prof.

Mizuki TanakaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Protein Engineering

Protein engineering of amylases and related enzymes

Sohei ItoPhD, Assoc. Prof.

Shogo NakanoPhD, Research Asst. Prof.


Universal aspects of food physical properties

Shoichi IchinosePhD, Assoc. Prof.

Division of Nutritional Sciences


Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases by food components and nutrients

Noriyuki MiyoshiPhD, Prof.

Tsutomu HasizumePhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Nutritional Physiology

Nutrient/food factor-mediated transcriptional regulation of genes

Toshinao GodaPhD, Prof.

Kazue HonmaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Public Health

Nutritional epidemiological studies on the prevention

Kiyonori KurikiPhD, Assoc. Prof.

Kaori EndohPhD, RD, Research Asst. Prof.

Clinical Nutrition

Nutritional management in patients with chronic kidney diseases

Hiromichi KumagaiMD, PhD, Prof.

Takuya YoshidaMS, RD, Research Asst. Prof.

Food Management

Mechanisms of lowering the glycemic index (GI) for mixed meals and evaluation methods of GI

Yoko IchikawaPhD, RD, Assoc. Prof.

Ayami SanoPhD, RD, Research Asst. Prof.

Nutritional Biochemistry

Regulation of metabolism by exercise and nutrition

Shinji MiuraPhD, Prof.

Akihito MoritaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.


Molecular mechanisms and regulation of intestinal NaCl absorption

Hisayoshi HayashiPhD, Asst. Prof.

Noriko IshizukaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Nutrition Education

Development of nutrition education methods and evaluation

Toshiko KuwanoPhD, RD, Prof.

Ayako HashimotoPhD, RD, Research Asst. Prof.

Clinical Nutrition and Management

Research on reduction in visceral fat and protection of pancreatic islet function

Hidekazu AraiPhD, RD, Assoc. Prof.


Cookery Science

Development of new processing technology for cereals

Eiko AraiPhD, Prof.

Seiko ItoPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Division of Environmental and Life Sciences

Atmospheric Environment

Development of highly sensitive and selective analysis of PAHs and their derivatives.

Takashi AmagaiPhD, Prof.

Yuichi MiyakePhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Physical Chemistry

Study on determination, synthesis, and toxicity of novel organic micropollutants in the environment.

Masakazu MakinoPhD, Prof.

Masahiro TokumuraPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Environmental Microbiology

Developing new biotechnologies for environmental protection and sustainable development using microorganisms

Yukinori TaniPhD, Prof.

Hirotaka NaitouPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Radiation Biology

Multiple environmental factor-induced histone modifications alter UV-induced DNA damage repair

Yuko IbukiPhD, Prof.

Yukako KomakiPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Aquatic and Soil Environment

Long-range transport of trace elements from the Asian continent

Masahiro SakataPhD, Prof.

Asami MashioPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Plant & Environmental Sciences

Long-range transport of trace elements from the Asian continent

Akira TaniPhD, Prof.

Tomoki MochizukiPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Molecular Reproductive Biology

Molecular mechanisms in the sex determination pathway

Tohru KobayashiPhD, Prof.

Taijyun MyosyoPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Biochemistry & Toxicology

Biological responses to environmental and social stress

Kayoko ShimoiPhD, Prof.

Environmental Bioengineering

Environmental Bioengineering

Kiyotaka HaraPhD, Prof.

Takahiro SekikawaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Cooperation laboratory / Contribution course / Science English Language Education

Scientific English Program

Graduate students develop practical English skills for international scientific communication

Philip HawkeMA, Asst. Prof.

Cooperation laboratory / Contribution course / Science English Language Education

Tea Science Center

Studies on the health benefits and epidemiology of green tea

Yoriyuki NakamuraPhD, Prof.

Food and Environment Research Center

Role of food and environmental factors in human health, and dissemination of their information

Keiji WakabayashiPhD, Prof.