Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition in clinical medicine

Nutritional assessments, diagnosis, and intervention in patients with chronic kidney diseases—from bench to bedside

Many patients with chronic kidney disease suffer from protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) which is a major risk factor for their high morbidity and mortality. We are seeking to investigate the mechanism of PEM from such aspects of diseases as uremic condition, dietary intake, and metabolic disorders, as well as the related complications in these patients. Furthermore, we are developing and evaluating nutritional screening and assessment tools for these patients. The final goal of our study is to establish an appropriate method of nutritional intervention for PEM in these patients. To achieve this goal, we will develop both basic and clinical research and will translate our finding from bench to bedside.

1. Nutritional management in patients with chronic kidney disease
This is one of the most important studies in our laboratory. The aim of this study is described above.
2. Nutritional regulation of renal function and blood pressure
Some nutritional factors including sodium chloride, potassium, protein, and total energy are known to affect renal functions and blood pressure. We are investigating the mechanisms of how these nutritional factors work on renal functions and blood pressure.
3. Mechanisms for atherosclerosis in patients with chronic renal failure
Atherosclerosis is another major complication in patients with chronic kidney disease. We are seeking to illustrate the association between atherosclerosis and enhanced oxidative or carbonyl stresses in these patients.


Hiromichi KumagaiMD, PhD


Takuya YoshidaRD

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Many factors are associated with protein-energy malnutrition in patients with chronic kidney disease.


Thigh muscle area measured by CT scan is used for nutritional assessments.


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